The start-up Ager Oliva was born in 2021 from an idea of Tommaso Dami, born in 1990, an economics graduate from Florence and passionate about agriculture since the age of 10, when his grandfather began teaching him how to garden and make olive oil while respecting the environment.
The other co-founders are:


Cosimo Lunetti, a videomaker and certified drone pilot, is a professional surveyor and content creator for Ager Oliva.

Ana Soto, a graduate in Economics with a master's degree in Sustainable Tourism, is Ager Oliva's marketing and customer care manager.

Ager Oliva is the only platform that allows you to adopt or give away an abandoned olive tree in Tuscany, receive a liter of extra virgin organic olive oil, know the exact location of the land and the plant, and be able to visit it at any time.

The 2021 crop year ended July 1, surpassing 700 adoptions in just four months.

We have achieved the challenge for the 2022 crop year: saving 3,000 abandoned olive trees, recovering and bringing back into production a 12-hectare agricultural area.

Onward with the next challenge! All together for the olive trees!

Adoptions are open for 2023.

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You can contact us at 3383744589 or write to info@ageroliva.it

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