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Adopt or Gift a Very Abandoned Olive Tree in Vinci - #584

  • City: Vinci
  • Location: Saint Lucia
  • N Plant: 584

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Come funzionano gli abbonamenti
Le adozioni si rinnovano ogni 365 giorni automaticamente. Gli alberi e le adozioni vengono aggiornati sul tuo account. Non ci sono vincoli alcuni, puoi modificare o cancellare l'abbonamento in qualunque momento

Salva questo ulivo nel campo del  Genio  di Leonardo e contribuirai al recupero di questa zona storica.
Riceverai il tuo prezioso olio d’oliva biologico nella quantità di 1 litro.

You will receive the photo of the olive tree, the location exact location, the label with your name will be affixed to the olive tree and you can come and visit it at any time. You can personalize the adoption certificate for any occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Baptism, in memory of someone who is no longer with us...) and participate in the Pic Nic organized every year in June by AgerOliva for you and your family .

From September, you will be able to reserve exclusively the second liter at a special price in case of good production.

The trees are all numbered and named. Harvesting and pressing of organic olives takes place no later than 24h in selected mills to make high quality.

The cost of 59.00 euros is paid 1 time only. You can adopt multiple olive trees in the same order and pay only once for shipping.

Cost of shipping to Italy ( islands and Venice excluded) : 6,00 euro

The shipment of oil for this olive tree will be scheduled for the end of the year of its adoption.

NB We recommend renewing the adoption for at least 3 years, the minimum time for an abandoned plant to recover.