Adriana Pellegrini

I enthusiastically joined the project by adopting two olive trees in order to encourage other similar projects to ensure that the most typical crops of our country are not abandoned and that we can take advantage of the gifts that our land offers us. Adriana Pellegrini


Very good project with high green and social impact. You can also receive the delicious olive oil at home.


Tommaso and the Ager Oliva team was very helpful and courteous when I requested access to the olive grove near Vinci and to stay there for a relaxing picnic. The area is very well maintained and the place is really pleasant, with little artificial noise and incredible views.

Carmine Reale

Very meaningful experience full of values and feelings. Project carried out with passion and dedication by unique kids for a very important topic that should make everyone think, young and old.

Federico Nesi

A beautiful reality, true environmental and cultural impact economy. I hope to see it grow as well as continue to support it.

Franco Boiti

I felt really satisfied for helping to save so many olive trees and all that goes behind starting with the abandonment of the land, and consequent imbalance of the NATURE that is our FUTURE. THANK YOU Franco, a Friulian from the Bergamo area.