Ager Oliva was created with the goal of breathing new life into the four million abandoned olive trees in Tuscany and continuing to care for them.A second goal was added in 2023: to combat climate change by planting olive trees together with virtuous companies to offset their CO2 emissions.

Adopting or Giving an Olive Tree means.

1) Reclaim land and landscape
2) Help create jobs in the agricultural sector
3 ) Go back to making an olive tree productive
4) Receive 1 liter of organic Tuscan EVO olive oil delivered to your door.


You will be sent an adoption certificate with the name of the olive tree, its location and a photo of it. Throughout the year you will receive constant video updates on the work being done in the field.

The stages of plant and soil recovery follow one another in this sequence:



 Weedpruning, grass mowing, and felling of shrubs born in the field.

Plant fertilization

 Pruning of plants to restore them to their ideal foliage.

Copper and lime treatments to disinfect plants.

 Biological anti-fly treatments where and when needed.

Harvesting of olives by mechanical means and subsequent transport of the olives to the olive mill.

Crushing of the olives within 24 h after harvest and immediate filtering of the oil within the next 24 h.

Storage of oil in steel vats so that the organoleptic qualities of extra virgin olive oil are not altered before bottling in tins and shipping.

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 Rearrangement of adjoining ditches and any soil embankments.



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Thank you
For your contribution!