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Adopt or Give an Olive Tree

ADOPT OR GIVE A ULIVO The mission of Ager Oliva is to save the four million abandoned olive trees in Tuscany and to make the sector sustainable, with the aim of ensuring the preservation of biodiversity, respect for the environment and the restoration of the land, and to avoid hydrogeological risk

What is Ager Oliva

Start-Up Ager Oliva was born in 2021 from the idea of Tommaso Dami of Pistoia, a graduate in Economics from Florence, born in 1990 and passionate about agriculture since his grandfather began teaching him at age 10 how to garden and make olive oil and to have respect and care for the environment around him.

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Supporters di Ager Oliva

"A beautiful sustainable project with high social impact and in line with our plans as an association. We are pleased to actively support you."

- Slow Food Tuscany Director

"With great pride we support Startup Ager Oliva with noatro network of businesses and professionals."

- LE VILLAGE - Credit Agricole.

"We are pleased to actively support this environmental redevelopment and biodiversity preservation project."

- Antonio Sessa, President



''Look beautiful at these olive trees, you know what bruschetta we get, what pappa al pomodoro and what ribollita. So my friend adopt an abandoned olive tree and don't be a curmudgeon''



''This behind me is the olive tree I decided to adopt to support Ager Oliva. Adopt an olive tree yourself ;) ''



Heute darf ich Euch voll stolz berichten, dass ich zur deutschen Markenbotschafterin der @ageroliva.official in der Toskana ernannt wurde! - Sono orgogliosa di annunciare che sono diventata ambasciatrice per la Germania di @ageroliva.official in Toscana!



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"Very good project with high green and social impact. You can also receive the delicious olive oil at home."


"I felt really satisfied for helping to save so many olive trees and all that goes behind starting with the abandonment of the land, and consequent imbalance of NATURE which is our FUTURE. THANK YOU Franco, a Friulian from Bergamo."

- Franco Boiti

"A beautiful reality, true environmental and cultural impact economy. I hope to see it grow as well as continue to support it."

- Federico Nesi

"Tommaso e la squadra di Ager Oliva è stata molto disponibile e cortese quando ho richiesto di poter accedere all'oliveto nei pressi di Vinci e di poter restare lì a per un rilassante picnic. L'area è molto ben tenuta e il luogo è davvero piacevole, con pochi rumori artificiali e con un panorama incredibile."

- favils83

"Very meaningful experience full of values and feelings. Project carried out with passion and dedication by unique kids for a very important issue that should make everyone think, young and old."

- Carmine Reale

"Ho aderito con entusiasmo al progetto adottando due ulivi per incoraggiare altri progetti simili che permettano di non abbandonare le colture più tipiche del nostro Paese e di poter usufruire dei doni che la nostra terra ci offre. Adriana Pellegrini"

- Adriana Pellegrini

Here are our camps scattered around Tuscany

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